Tuesday, October 27, 2015

How The Internet Has Affected Banking

The Internet is an ever-evolving platform bringing the latest technology to consumers.  From smart-phones to personal computers, the Internet has made banking a more efficient and painless experience.  With emerging online banking services, consumers can now check account balances, review account information and transactions at their convenience.  Take a look at some of the ways the Internet has changed banking:

Say Good-Bye To Banking Hours
With the convenience on the Internet, banking hours no longer apply to consumers.  Online banking provides access 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for those looking to manage accounts.  24-hour online banking is extremely convenient for customers who want to access their account outside of business hours and when banks are typically closed.

Declining Teller Transactions
Instead of driving to the bank, waiting in line and consulting a teller, online banking now allows transactions from the convenience of your home.  Consumers can now transfer funds, make deposits, request withdrawals and pay bills through online banking.  Recently, the convenience of the Internet has caused teller transactions to decline.

Cyber Security
Personal information is shared through online banking transactions.  McHenry Savings Bank has significant safety measures in place to protect the information of our customers. While there is a possibility for security breach and identity theft at nonregulated sites, the most important thing YOU can do is to limit the personal information you give out to only secure and verified platforms.

At McHenry Savings Bank, the Internet has changed the way we do banking!  We are proud to offer online and mobile banking for the convenience of our customers.  With safe and secure online services, check your balances, transfer funds, pay your bills, pay people and receive eStatements. Our eBanking website is also fully functional through your tablet or Kindle. For more information on McHenry Savings Bank, visit our website or call 815-385-3000.  

Monday, October 5, 2015

Importance of Cyber Security

As the Internet continues to grow, online accounts and transactions are becoming more and more popular.  The ever-growing use of the Internet brings the need for tighter security measures.  Cyber security, also known as information technology security, is the protection of information from theft or damage.  Cyber security protects computers, networks, programs and data from unauthorized access.  At McHenry Savings Bank, we handle online banking and security with the highest importance.  In an effort to prevent identity theft and Internet fraud, follow these tips:

Protect Your Identity – Identity theft is a problem for millions of people in the US.  The best way to prevent identity theft is protecting your online presence.  Never give out your social security number, passwords or pins.  Also, changing your passwords periodically ensures even more safety.  At McHenry Savings Bank, we recommend you sign up for text or email alerts within our Consumer and Business eBanking modules in case there is unusual activity.

Online Security – While the Internet has many advantages, it is also vulnerable to identity theft and fraud.  To keep your personal information private, protect your computer with virus protection software that is up-to-date.  It is also a good idea to set strong passwords and security questions for logins.  Before you buy something online, make sure the website uses secure technology.  

Mobile Security – Your mobile device is a convenient way to access the Internet.  Unfortunately, it is a device that offers convenient access for criminals.  Use caution when using your phone for personal information by setting a passcode, logging out completely from mobile banking sessions, making sure you are downloading only secure apps, and using public Wi-Fi with caution.  Most importantly, avoid storing sensitive information on your mobile device.

Safe banking involves making good choices and decisions that will help you avoid costly surprises and scams.  At McHenry Savings Bank, we are dedicated to the safety of our customers’ personal information.  

To learn more about McHenry Savings Bank, browse our website at https://mchenrysavings.com/Security/securitycenter.html or call 815-385-3000.  
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