Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Online Banking: Being a Safe Internet Explorer

Cell phones have put so many things quite literally at our fingertips. A few quick taps on the screen can wish mom a happy birthday, make a car payment, order a pizza, or send a picture across the world. With a world of technology rapidly expanding, mobile users can open the virtual door for cyber criminals - no ski mask needed. Yes, online banking has become a portal for hackers to steal personal information, bank account numbers, and identities. Online banking is extremely convenient and can be very safe as well. Follow these tips to enjoy the benefits of online banking safely.

Avoid Public Wi-Fi: Public wifi networks can compromise the security of your mobile device. With the right skills, hackers can plant viruses that can snag personal information. Not all public wifi is evil. Networks with password protection tend to be safer. If a public network is used, make sure to “forget” the network so the mobile device won’t connect when in range without the user’s knowledge.

Identity theft

Stay Protected Online: Make sure any device that is used to access personal information has antivirus software. Always check URLS for the little lock icon that indicated an encrypted line of communication which makes hacking much more challenging.

Create a Secure Password: “Pet’s name123” won’t cut it here. The password used for online banking should be different from any other password for things like Facebook, Instagram, or E-mail. Consider using capital and lowercase letters, number, and symbols.

Never stay logged in when using a mobile phone or computer. If your device is ever lost contact your bank immediately to freeze your vulnerable accounts.
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