Monday, September 25, 2017

Advantages of Banking Online

McHenry Savings Bank Online After a long day at work, that to-do list is looking far less appealing than that television, that bicycle, or perhaps that bottle of wine. With the advancements in technology surrounding the internet and mobile applications, taking a trip to the bank doesn’t need to be a trip at all. We all have a bank in our home office, in our pocket too. Online banking has revolutionized the way customers are managing their finances. Whether you need to deposit a check, transfer funds, or pay bills online banking can help. What are some of the advantages of enrolling in online banking?

Say Good-Bye To Banking Hours

Banking hours no longer apply to consumers. Online banking provides access 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for those looking to manage accounts. 24-hour online banking is extremely convenient for customers who want to access their account outside of business hours and when banks are typically closed. Online banking is great for professionals who work 2nd or 3rd shift as well. There are no lines for online banking. Your accounts are just a swipe and a tap away!

Simple Transactions

At McHenry Savings Bank, Consumers can now transfer funds, make deposits, send money to people, and pay bills through online banking. Online banking allows you to autopay bills monthly which means no late payments and no more purchasing stamps. Keep an eye on your transaction through the mobile app or on the customizable SecurLOCK App for all debit card purchases. Set up low and high balance alerts so you always know the level of funds in your checking and savings account. Have a check to deposit? Just snap a picture and it can be deposited in just minutes!


Personal and financial information is shared through online banking transactions. McHenry Savings Bank has significant safety measures in place to protect the information of our customers. It is important that users are educated on how to keep their information safe too. Users should never access banking information on public WIFI networks. When accessing on a computer, always clear your cookies after a banking session. Don’t use your “usual” password that everyone knows. Make this password extremely unique containing letters, numbers, capital letters, and symbols. Change your password often and never share it with anyone.

The Internet has changed the way we bank! McHenry Savings Bank is proud to offer online eBanking and mobile banking to all our wonderful customers. With safe and secure online services, check account balances, transfer funds, pay your bills automatically, transfer to friends or family, and receive eStatements. Our eBanking website is also fully functional through your tablet or Kindle. For more information on McHenry Savings Bank, visit our website or call 815-385- 3000.