Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Avoiding Internet Fraud and Identity Theft

Millions of people are scammed each year by online fraud and identity theft.  Identity theft is a federal crime that occurs when one person’s identification is used by another person for unlawful activities.  Lucky for you, the key to avoiding Internet fraud is consumer awareness.  

The two types of common Internet fraud are phishing and pharming.  Phishing lures consumers into divulging personal financial information to fraudulent web sites often via email.  Pharming can compromise financial information when a user simply opens an email that contains a virus.  All it takes is one click and a virus will install a small software program on your computer.

Now that you know the basics, use these tips to avoid and combat Internet fraud for the New Year:

  • Make sure your browser is up-to-date and security patches are applied
  • Regularly check bank, credit card and debit card statements to ensure all transactions are rightful
  • Be suspicious of an email with urgent requests for personal information
  • Do not use the links in an email to get to any web page
  • Avoid completing forms in email messages
  • Be sure you are using a secure web site when submitting credit card or other sensitive information online
  • Try using a secure web browser tool that protects against fraudulent web sites

It is extremely important that you report unusual activity in your bank account as soon as it appears.  At McHenry Savings Bank, we put the highest importance on the safety of your personal and financial information.  With the latest technology in e-banking, you can trust our team will do everything to secure your accounts and transactions.  To learn more about our personal and commercial services, please visit our website at or call 815-385-3000.